New Juin 2008 mobile Suit Battle MELEE. (South pole) Who will win.

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New Battle field Witch mobile suit will win.

Freedom(Gundam Seed)
Heavy Arms(Gundam Wing)
Buster(Gundam Seed)
Zeta(Gundam Z)
Astray Blue Framed(Gundam Seed MSV)
Straka Evolution(Gundam RPG)
Zoltar(Gundam RPG)
Altron(Gundam Wing)
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New Juin 2008 mobile Suit Battle MELEE. (South pole) Who will win.

Message  Tieria Erde le Lun Juin 16, 2008 8:32 pm

Witch of this 8 Mobile Suit will win this melee battle without any damage.

The battle field is the South Pole.

Please it a fun pool but take you time to make your choice. cause there alway a right answer and 7 wrong answers.

This Pool is broath for finding if you a gundam WIZ or not.

The challenge has been calculated with each mobile suit stat and battle experience of each pilote to know they outcome of the battle.

Please enjoy this pool and come from time to time to find out of you have the right answer or the wrong answer.
Tieria Erde
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