Mobile Suit Player Reference Chapter-1

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Mobile Suit Player Reference Chapter-1

Message  Tieria Erde le Lun Mai 12, 2008 7:27 pm

Here we will find what is a mobile suit and how it work's.

The Mobile Suit Reference Chapter-1 is dedicated to make the player understand how and what he can do with it.

What is a Mobile Suit

A Mobile Suit or MS is a armored semi motorized walking 17m tales warexos. It has multiple application. Like making heavy duty work a piece of cake. it also give a weapones that has a great variety of weapons and dangerous equipement.

How does a Mobile Suit or MS workes.

Giro and gravity engine. That give a great variety of movement and speed to give a almost naturel ability. The engine is a great multi-universal capacity. It has the ability to high power over is mobile suit capacity. But only they equipement will give that suit the performence it is capable of doing.

Mobile suit Sheet section

.......................3-Step A section.......................

This is how the mobile suit sheet look like when add to the Player character profiled

Model ID:
Reflex :
Defense :
IP :
Speed :
Cybernetic :
Energy :
Weapons information

.......................3-Step B section.......................

Sheet simple movement explanetion

The simple situation are basicly used in and outside battle situation. It what a player most alway`s used during the time your using your mobile suit. Before using anything it is recommanded to calculet the chancess that you have in front of a particular situation.

Model ID: It bascily used for the Model and story talling. the number could be used to hide the capacity of a model that a Player might know about but others don`t.

Name: A mobile suit is alway`s named after something to make it appropriet to something it like defining that unit strenght with a name associeted with it.

Reflex : Used for complexe situation.

Defense : Used for complexe situation.

IP :Used for complexe situation.

Speed : This is also for complexe situation. But it give the player the knowledge of the speed is mobile suit has compered to something else. it fast but. For other vehicule it can be slower then it look. But the speed number is adapted to mobile suit fight during a turn you can move the number of space designated for it. The speed dosen`t give the number of space to move by a turn. in the complexe section it will be explained.

Cybernetic : The cybernetic is basicly the mobile suit electronique capacity. it give the main computer the number of data that can be stored in and also the basic analizing system that can cause trouble to the pilot using it. It a % number it give the chance that the pilot might go crazy using it. But only IA programing cause that trouble. But analyzing programed also cause trouble if it goes of controle. so the damage electrical shock and not mental damage done.

Items: Item are basicly object that help the mobile suit fonction. Like IA programing or a special booster or a power pack. But for each item that have great capacity and help they also have there weakness.

Energy : This section is the more essentiel without it all you capacity item and weapon`s stop working it goes down to zero. Defense point can go down to Zero without power. for example without power the cockpit doesn`t opened and the air ventelation system doesn`t work needer. So the pilot may die of asfiction if hey stay to long in the mobile suit. if your flying you crash if your on earth and you start floating and continuing moving arround without control in space. And you die faster of asfiction cause by the death of the space vactiumed theory.

Weapons: Used in complexe situation.

.......................3-Step C section.......................

Sheet complexe movement explanetion

Model ID: Used in the simple situation

Name: It important to not lousse your self during a battle to acknowledge the strenght and capacity of a mobile suit it also what you can identified has a strong opponet of a weak oppone

Reflex : Like in the character situation Mobile suit Reflex are simular to the character. But they are not equal. They work the seam way. but mobile suit have Defense and not Vigor capacity. So if you attack a other mobile suit your will attack the defense first to know if you touch your oppone. If your succed you can throw the damage that the weapon your using. But the damage done by the weapon do not remove reflexe point it may but in certain special situation like if you have a wing and it get cutoff you will lousse some reflex point. But that basicly it. It removed IP=(Impact Point) But know this if you don`t make a succesfull dice throw even if without you can touch you oppone you will miss or something else bad will appened so becarefull

Defense :The defense work exactly like the character vigor capacity. If it and your defense point are lower then they attacking reflex he touch you. But if you don not succed you will lousse they amount of Dammage in IP=(Impact Point).

IP :(Impact Point) This is the number of resistence the mobile suit has. during a combat you have some resistance feat and materiel protection you. that materiel give the mobile suit is IP capacity. If you go below this IP point you will automaticly lousse structuran integraty of you Mech capacity. Like loussing a armed or it may break a part in the next move you want to make.

Speed : For each time you move you have a equal space of movement depending on your situation. You may go at 100m/ph but if you move you have a slit chance to move fast but there is also a chance to catch you. if your ingaging a combat and you decide to run or flye in the ennemy without any plan`s you opened your self to a attack of opportunity. You also have that chance if your being charged. Then you defense goes to 1/2 of it capacity cause you don`t defende your self. NOTE that shield doesn`t work if you don`t used it. It only give you a bonus defense point if you use it.

For more information wait till 4-Step to mobile suit movement`s you will have enough information about combat situation with a mobile suit. It also the seam stuff then only with your character but it for the mobile suit fight that it more important.

Cybernetic : During a fight this system may cause you some electrical shock.
Each time you will lousse a armed or defense and refexe point you will received electrical shock do to the number of energy your using. To explain that situation more go to energy.

Items: Item can also be used has weaponed but there is a limited number of item you can carry with your mobule suit. It the problem of the weight yes. You could carry 8 gathelling canon but your speed get a knock and you can`t fly. So it no good. Loussing item is also a big problem cause if your using a item that give you a advantage and it get shot at or destroyed you lousse that item capacity drasticly. There more but for that go to Energy about energy shortage or over power a item.

Energy : Energy it determined in 4 way to used it. The power capacity and the hours that you can use it. But there more. Each mobile suit can be adjusted. but if you don`t adjust your energy supplies for it you can make it blow up. or ruined the MS engines for good. In a combat you lousse weapon and item and also trusther. If you lousse and item using a percentage of power. note that this item even if it gone alway`s make the power flows in it. So if it gone the power just get wasted. you have the capacity fi it possible to shot down that item but some item can`t be shot down. To make it worst. You mobile suit each mobile suit have a 6 hours of regeneretion of power. that mean if you used up all your power you can make you MS reast for 6 hours and it good again. But that doesn`t make the dammage go away. Other specifics and cool way to used you energy. if you have lot`s of energy in hours. you could used it to boost some weapon and some item capacity. But be carefull in doing so i recommande using a expert engineer to do that kind of changess cause like before you can ruined you MS if it not properly used. One more warning about boosting item`s and stuff. your energy capacity take a big blow of it hours capacity if you do that. it get driined two time faster that way. So it cool but it has also it bad side.

Weapons:Well no need to informed you about that. But note that during the game you may see some mobile suit with the capacity to cary and do more stuff note that they are built to do that. and also that materiel used for them may have stronger capacity in power and carrying weight to do so. But even if you think you MS is weaker or not good. there still weapon`s of mass destruction so don`t go and let it wasted. cause that seam mobile suit you don`t like can also kick your ass remember it a dice rolling game you may encounter a level 20 NPC and if your lucky you may win but there a higher risq that you get killed. I will repeat a lot of time that thing for players to remember that. But note that only beginner player will be notice a lot`s. after a month your now have the knowledge if you did get this info of a amature RPG player and have the knowledge to understand if your character dies it not the GM fault. the character are mainly reasponsable for there characters life. And also piloting a Mobile Suit may find to be easy but it not. It a complexe machin with complexe ability. that with in the hand of unexperience person can be really dangerous to be piloting them.

Weapons information


Player handbook
Chapter 1 Building a Character.

Chapter 2 Rules and Player Engagement.

Chapter 3 race and Blood type

Chapter 4 Team Description

Chapter 5 Action and movement

Chapter 6 Power and ability list

Player References Book
Chapter 1

Mobile Suit Player References
Chapter 1
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