Story Board of the Game.

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Story Board of the Game.

Message  Tieria Erde le Lun Mai 05, 2008 3:57 am

Story Board of the Game.

The years is cosmic Era 75. 2 years after the Destiny Porject War.

The OMNI and ORB are no more a new groupe called the Earth Federation has been forme throught with the help of and Privite military organisation a groupe of Soldier made a promess to maintained the peace and bring order to earth.

During and after Destiny War in cosmic ear 73. people frome earth have been cratered all over a crushed and empty wasted land. some country have been totaly abbandonned making way for small military groupe to frome independance to this land and rules like they want. all they Equateriol water country and the American continent have been the most effected. In Europe where the Earth federation forcess lies. has named is military aide OZ for Orginasition Zodiac. Uniting earth is it main reason by any mean necessary.

But in OZ some old OMNI troupe are deep in the military and federation. Zaft doesn't trust OZ. but is willing to give them a chance.

In space the last colonize sector has been able to come back to the table with earth and plant's. during the 3 years war. mars has been cup off from contact with earth. seance then it now on the verge of it terraforming project to allowed life on the surface of Mars. air is now on the surface but . during the day it to hot for human to stay for to long exposition.

Program of overheatting and during the night the cold surface of space make it impossible to live. Inside Saint-Lewall City a colonise half underground city build with in the greates cratere of mars. Saint-Lewall is the capital of mars surface. but in space there the moderne space city station called C-3. no othe colony has that much size and genius way. to work. the C-3 colony is a space traverled colony it can created a artificiel gravity by staiing in to mars fravity and by letting the sun and the night make life possible. a gigantique ecosystem.

The engineer's of mars did the next best thing after the engineer of the plant's.

The Upsilon canon a weapon of great power and magnitude protect the surface of mars from any asteroide that would falled and indanger the people at the surface.

On Mars the situation was and alway's intense with the old OMNi and Zaft. Battle where fought to find out who would have controled over the mining process. in the era of 69. Mars made it own military forcess made out of devoted and tallented police officier now called the Zeta forces.

But they OMNI and ZAFT are still getting intel from the global and galactic powerhouse called Concept the gigantique company that made it fortune by the construction of robot and mobile suit of any kind.

there ideas making easy task for human. letting the robot to the dangerous work that human would not do. But some tention grows. the construction of this robot mean that people lousse they job and lousse money.

Soldier are replace by mecanical being. And now some Mobile suit are being ready to be made with Artificial Intelligence. War is on the verge of becoming somebody else massacre without lifting a finger. people will die.

What will the world and the univers will be like. Is this really what human search for.

many want peace but do they realy want peace. What should they do. Stay away from the fight and not get involved. Or join the fight and make a different on the search for peace.

There only one way to find out. Join they adventure this world need heroes. but Heroes don't falles on trees or from the skies.

So choice from this groupe and join the fight.

Earth Teams

Celestial Being New-York Ruines
Concept Earth Tokyo underground complexe
Europien task force London city
Guerrila Pekin moving base
Guerrieros Panama Hermit
OZ Bruxelle air base
ZAFT Gibrator space bridge
ZEON Los Angeles Ruines
ORB Union Onagura Island.

Space Team

Celestial Being MO-2 Colony
Concept Moon Laboratory
OMNI Moon city
Preventer L3 Colony
ZAFT L5 Plant's
ZEON L2 Colony
ZETA L4 Heliopolis Debris

Mars Teams.

Concept Saint-Lewall City Main economic center of Mars.
ZETA C-3 Colony HQ is the colony it self.
ZEON X-1 Mining Colony Space port
OMNI X-2 Colony in asteroide debris belt's OMNI ressource Colony.
Preventer Saint-Lewall City Rise park underground base.

But if you think this game is only about Mobile suit fighting each other well you know nothing about RPG they are many way to play it favorise Gundam fan's but there is multidute of stuff to do then Mobile Suit there police intrigued and adventure and stuff to discovers.

And if you think this two planete are they only think inside this RPG world.

Well think again.

Over dimension and the univers it self.

Unbarque on this unending story where you life and take the chance in discovering this world.
Tieria Erde
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ZETA Head Master

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