Player Handbook chapter-6 Power and ability list

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Player Handbook chapter-6 Power and ability list

Message  Tieria Erde le Sam Mai 03, 2008 9:20 am

Player Handbook chapter-6 Power and ability list

here you will find list of ability and capacity you can learn and add to your character.

Power list
1-autofire 1-General
2-born spacer 1-General
3-combat ace 6-General
4-crack shot 2-General
5-dragonblood 4-General
6-hacker 4-General
7-implant spellware 8-Item creation
8-Etiquette 1-General
9-evasive piloting 1-General
10-gearhead 1-General
11-gunner 1-General
12-gunner's eye 1-General
13-high-G Tolerence 2-General
14-Information junkie 3-General
15-Lead foot 1-General
16-Low-G tolerance 2-General
17-mobile shot 3-General
18-pressing attack 4-General
19-ram 4-General
20-raptor's instinct 2-General
21-remote operation 4-General
22-space jockey 6-General
23-Speed load 1-General
24-Starship piloting 6-General
25-technical proficiency 1-General
26-Temperature tolerance 1-General
27-two-gun shooting 1-General
28-vehicule dodge 2-General
29-Zero-G Tolerance 6-General
30-Track 2-General
31-leadership 6-General
32-martial weapon proficiency 8-General
33-Simple weapon proficiency 2-General
34-two-weapon fighting 4-General
35-aircraft piloting 2-General
36-armor proficiency (body armor)4-Light
37-armor proficiency (mobile suit)16-Heavy

General-It normal power that can be use with normal training ability's.

Item creation-To make it to this power you need to get your characte a briet and lot's of knowledge to reach this level of understanding.

Light-Light power to move with any body armor

Heavy-heavy armor. You need first to understand the basic ability and power of light armor before using that one.

Note-the number next to the little discription will tell if you need first something else before getting to a other.

example. you need to get low-G and High G before getting to Zero-G training.


Ability list
1 Alchemy
2 Balance
3 Climb
4 Craft
5 Diplomacy
6 Disguise
7 Gather information
8 Heal
9 hide
10 Innuendo
11 Intuit direction
12 Jump
13 knowledge
14 listen
15 Move silently
16 open lock
17 Perform
18 pick pocket
19 Profession
20 read lips
21 scry
22 search
23 sense motive
24 speak language
25 spot
26 swim
27 wilderness lore
28 demolition
29 freefall
30 pilot
31 navigate
32 repair
33 research
34 urban lore
35 use device

every ability can be used normaly.

But at level two you can choice two ability and add it to your character but know this. your character need to have cross this type of training in the past experience in the game before. it will give him intuite ability in that mather and allowed him to raise is chance to succed in a mission and to manuver in space and stuff like that.

If your woundering what this stuff mean's just google it and you will have enough info to get you starting. but research what they do before choising because once it don't you will not be able to changed them.

What does they ability well they are way to make a succesfull hit it give a plus 2 to every time you doing a stunt during a battle or when you need to escape from danger.

power give you a hedge against a ennemy a special power is only givent during a number of level.

Power attack using a power attack burn a action point during a battle if you don't know what and action point is go back to the action point chapter

level--Power given--+action point
and it continues up beyond the level 20 but i wonder if there will ever be a player that will ever reach that level one day.

Continue on Player Character Referrence Book Chapter-1 to make you character post it there and wait for a responde it will be send to you by Privet Messaging. if your accepted you will also received the Role-Play part that is missing so good luck and i hope to see you in the game.

Player handbook
chapter 1 Building a Character.

Chapter 2 Rules and Player Engagement.

Chapter 3 race and Blood type

Chapter 4 Team Discription

Chapter 5 Action and movement

Chapter 6 Power and ability list

Player Referrence Book
Chapter 1
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