Player Handbook on chapter-5 Action and movement

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Player Handbook on chapter-5 Action and movement

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Player Handbook on chapter-5 Action and movement

Here you are told what you have to do to make some action possible.

During the gaming play your character have to interact with the different NPC (NONE PLAYER CHARACTERS) and PC (PLAYER CHARACTERS).

depending on how you interact they will feel good, bad, funny and angry.

You also have to feed your character and give him somesleep if you past this important factor you could end up with a really sloopy character.

Let me introduce first the gaming process to make it more clear to everybody.

Power And capacity Sheet

here is the next section of you character Sheet called the Power and capacity sheet it will have to had this sheet to your character.

Power and Capacity Sheet


Energy: 200/200
reflexe: 200/200
Vigor: 200/200
Will: 200/200



Your maybe woundering why 200/200. it called power point. during a battle you can lousse point in different part of you power BARs that i just showed you.

Energy: is for you ability to stay awake

Reflexe: is to dodge or attack. in reaching high level you will make possible to dodge and attack at the seam time but that a other thing. let's gat back to the main.

Vigor: It your endurance each time you received a hit you lousse vigor point. that mean you lousse some blood or you wounded. there something called a critical hit. if you received a critical hit. and you will have a percentage of chance to get knock out. your not dead you will experience what being KO mean's.

Will: In the game sometime you have to make some stuff up make your character lies and stuff like that to make it work you most used some will capacity to make somebody else trust you more. but a Will capacity can be battle with a other stronger Will. But there a chance if you do that you target can become on your side.

The player sometime make it without using the Will they used there ability to make there character talk to conviance and other one to fallow but sometime this doesn't work with the NPC that the Game Master has controled the reason to have Will power.

Will power also have lot's of importance during a mobils suit fight it will allowe you do se complexe fighting paterned that your character would normaly wound see. is sence becaume more wide with is Will power getting higher.

Credit: during the game you will need some money and the money are called credit. but with the credit you have in the starting point you are able to buy some stuff. You will find this stuff in they Archived Room there a item and weapones list to everybody to see.(Well if it not there it because him building it or him adjusting it to be more suttebla for everybody.)

Know that only soldier and military personnal have weapones. Event if you have fallowed a guerrila or a underground troupe they would not give a weaponed so easely to somebody they hardly know what event there own familly.

Action point and Movement's

Character Sheet option to add.
Action point: /10
Why action point because during a fight you need to have some action allowing you to make special move and attack paterne the higher level you are the high action point you get.

Each 4 level you win 4 more action point.

Example of what action point do.
Athrun is getting is trusther only and want to jump accross two suit and slice them in half.

Action 1, 2 and 3: 1-Jump, 2-flye and 3-land.

Down to only 7 action point. Continuing with they action

Action 4, 5, 6, 7: 4-getting is beam saber, 5-moving arround to slice it target, 6-Dodge attack, 7-And block attacks.

Down to only 3 action point left.

If you have fallowed action point are there to count what kind of action you can do during a battle if your with a mobile suit or only your character what to fight hand to hand with soldier.

During a turn during a battle you have to count the number of action your character has to make.

it will give you also what kind of action he can make.

But know that not everybody can make acobatic move you most learn it first. if your character jump in the air to look only cool trust me you will did by landing on you head and breaking you neak.

Fighting and receiving damage.

Dice will tell if you get hit or not. There a option for dice rolled.
The Game Master will rolled them for everybody. and it will appeared in the game post.

You will have to post the next time the damage you have received and the point you have left.

let's make a other example of a battle situation.
Athrun attack Shinta

Athrun attack.
reflexe dice role a 4

Shinta dodge
reflexe dice role a 4.

athrun would have done 4+ special ability to hit Shinta and give a number let say 12 point of damage.

But Shinta got 4 also. It a tie. When there a tie nobody win event there you touch you target but it had the time to dodge it or worst situation you miss by a lot and you shout down a friendly allies.

other example.
Shinta attack athrun
reflexe role dice got 6

Athrun Dodge
reflexe role dice got 2

Athrun has been hit.
Vigor role dice got a 3

Athrun received only the 2/3 of the all effect of the damage.

Why does Athrun only received 2/3 of the damage. because he was able to endure it.
Vigor rolled work like this.
rolled a 1 and 2 you received the whole damage hit. A 3 and a 4 you received the 2/3. if you get a 5 or a 6 you get only 1/3 of the damage.

the reason is beacause the human body can resiste some pain and damage. the seam goes for piloting a mobile suit. Sometime the pilot get hurt during a mobile suit fight because of the turbulance inside the cockpit.

So the damage done to Athrun would be of 6 but when you get a 6 and the one receiving it don't succed with is vigor rolled it called a critical hit or perfect shot.

there chance that the one receiving the hit get knock of or get KO in and instant. there event the possibility to killed somebody in that seam shot but only the dice the GM will rolled will determined that possibility.

if athrun vigor was about 200/200 before the hit. and i endure it he receive only the whole 6 point of damage. 194/200 point. But if hi did get a 2/3 that mean he got high somewhere pretty vulnerable. and get 3 time that high. so it would be then 182/200 point.

A critical hit if the target suvived it get half it point drained. 100/200 now.It not called a critical hit for nothing. but you have more chance of escaping then dying but do not take chancess with that percentage.

So it done with the attack, battle and power point explanetion.

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