Player Handbook chapter-4 Team discription

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Player Handbook chapter-4 Team discription

Message  Tieria Erde le Sam Mai 03, 2008 7:43 am

Player Handbook in chapter-4 Team discription

Here will be posted the Team information and also the weaponed show in the game they will be only a post of each basic team to show what they offert and to new player to make a descent choice of team.

Team.(Doesn't ask question about the team reason i just using the team that everybody would love.

ORB. Oceanic Emerit and organisation that life in a neutral stat with the world.

OMNI. Earth force and defence to protect from hostile ennemis.

OZ. Earth federation forces made by royaliste and rich man to make a peacefull world in there image and to help the world to better them self.

ZAFT. Coordinator and plant's

ZETA-Mars Military defence

ZEON-Guerrila inside the american continent

Concept-Engineering company of brilliant scientiste

Celestial Being-Well freedom fight fighting agains't human arrogance and self egot to preserve and bring peace to the world

Epsilon-The North american nation after the fall's of junius-7 america what devaste from the wars. One Nation raised from that war but it still a brean new nation young and not recognize by the by power like OZ, OMNI and ZAFT.

Guerrierors-Other guerrila groupe in america and other countrie's.

Each team will have there post in here so this is just a introduction to every team and also a dictionary of all the weaponed, Mobile Suit and Character that you will probably meat during the game.

Continued in Player Handbook Chapter-5


Team special description and information. Some info are missing cause it only reveled during the game it self. The rest will be showd if somebody or it mention during the game. if a personal information is being send to a player it will not be saved. but only if that player decide to make it shown on is character profiled.

In that section there is also the story archives and the weapons manuel and the equipement manuel.

Note-Some team are not shown. There multiple reason if they haven been created yet and if they would going or not be part of the game. But team can also be created. But for that a player need to make it so inside the game. Only a experience player will be allowed to creat it. He will need to ask and discut this with the Game Master.

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Player handbook
Chapter 1 Building a Character.

Chapter 2 Rules and Player Engagement.

Chapter 3 race and Blood type

Chapter 4 Team Description

Chapter 5 Action and movement

Chapter 6 Power and ability list

Player References Book
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Mobile Suit Player References
Chapter 1
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