Player Handbook Chapter-2 Rules and Player Engagement.

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Player Handbook Chapter-2 Rules and Player Engagement.

Message  Tieria Erde le Sam Mai 03, 2008 6:18 am

Chapter 2 of the Player Handbook

Here you will find the rule's concerning the Player cpacity and limit.

Inside and out of the game there two basic gamers.

RPG player rank.

1# Zeta Engineering Master is the Game Master or GM if you prefered.
2# Zeta Engineering member are the helper of the Game Master they are also player but with knowledge of the game they have they ability to make warning to player that don't fallow the rule's
3# Zeta RPG Gundam member control this is the place and group to now who is playing the game. in this groupe you have access to the gaming zone and the archive room. where more posibility are offert to each player like your team information tower or loung called it like you want.

players rule's

not complete comming sone.

Character line of conduct

not complete comming sone.

Continue to the Player Handbook Chapter-3 race and blood type.


Player handbook
Chapter 1 Building a Character.

Chapter 2 Rules and Player Engagement.

Chapter 3 race and Blood type

Chapter 4 Team Description

Chapter 5 Action and movement

Chapter 6 Power and ability list

Player References Book
Chapter 1

Mobile Suit Player References
Chapter 1
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