Player handbook Chapter-1 Building a Character

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Player handbook Chapter-1 Building a Character

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In here you will find how you can build your self a character and then to the next chapter of the Player Handbook. At they End of this chapter there a empty sheet that you can used to help you field the empty space at the seam time.

Chapter 1
(Building a character.)

Naming you character

Named.: It is recommanded to use a not know character named to begin with. making a character with would be already inside the game would make you in a position of role. You will have to take charge the role of somebody else. You will be force to act and life in the game like that character.

Note-That if somebody with that type of character goes of is character profile this player can have is character removed frome him for act of cruelty with is character.

Making your Character Background Story

background: basic background you make a little story line small. know that in that story line there is some stuff you can say. like my character has been piloting a gundam or mobile suit for year.

I don't accept that and no story about training. your character start in the seam level of force. ignoret of what they will find. You can make a sad story about parent that died. you can meat guerriaros but you can not i repeat you can not say that you have been fighting for ages.

Why you can't because your making your character go throught unaturel training without propere ruling inside the game. it also called making you character overpower. Your start at level one like everybody.

Role-Play and Accepted inside the game.

When you will be done making your character you will received a little starting point story from somebody in charge of the gaming process until then you will have to wait before starting in the game.

Why because before starting playing you need a little background adjustement to make your way to the game and start playing. It only to make clear what your character is doing at the begining of the game.

Item and weapones.

no weapones, no mobile suit, no friends. if you want to join a Team like ZAFT, OMNI, OZ, ZEON, CELESTIAL BEING or ZETA.

You most first start the game and make you way there to be with that groupe.

The will be more info in the Player Handbook in chapter-4 Team discription and way's to teach you how to move inside the game. frome normal situation to the fighting zone.

Ability and power.

yes you heard me some character will developpe ability during the game you will be able to find out more about it inside the Player Handbook on chapter-6 Ability and power point.

Race and blood type

You can not say your a coordinator or not cause nobody know if they are or not really. So your in the dark if you character find a way to find that out you will be able to add your race type. And you ahve also some special ability depending on your blood type and everything else.

You can find that out in the Player Handbookchapter 3 Blood type and race.

example of a character


Named: Athrun Zala
Age: 18 years old
race: Coordinator
Blood type: B
Hair color: Bleu
Eyes Color: Green
Height: 5.4-ft
Weight: 75-pd

Baclground: Lived in Junius-& until the boomind in the bloody Valentine day. has going ZAFT to liberate the coordinator from the tyrannie of the OMNI earth forces. he then joind force to stop this war and bring peace with is fried kira Yamato. I had been engaged with lacus Clyne but when this one made a cruesil desicion, his marriage with lacus was scrap. he then found and falled in loved with the ORB representetive Dother. Kagally Ula Atha.

but after the destiny project battle he has rejected they idea of being with her and Kagallie also renonce to her loved of Athrun to be ORB leader after her father deaft and the almost destruction of ORB by ZAFT forces again. because of they OMNI main representetive that sieged him self there.

After the Space battle at the Requiem Base. he has rejoind ZAFT in order to keep the soldier strait and with a clear mind of what they are fighting for freedom and justice and nothing else. he lives with Meryn Hawk, the sister of Lunamaria Hawk, a young and briet ZAFT soldier that is working on the Gibraltor Zaft Military head Quarter on earth surface.

Role-Play: Athrun Start one day and his training some military recrut of the named of Daniel Leduc and Shinta. they are they only recrut over the past 2 month. Athrun has received some shocking new's about the FAQ that there could be a conspiresy surrounding and old military base in the american country that has not been secured. And that there is some info about a top secret plan that OZ the New force that replace OMNI. they want to use this secret to build new supersoldier and bring peace to earth by military force with terrorisme and horreur.


Rule's of the game.

you will have to read the rule's and accept them to be welcome to the RPG.
you will find the rule's at the Player Handbook Chapter-2 rules for character and Player.

Final step in the first chapter.

the empty character sheet


Blood type:
Hair color:
Eyes color:


Continued on Chapter 2 of the Player Handbook to continue your character arrangement there will be some information and part of the player Sheet to add. So keep a copie of you sheet to make the propere arrangement during the game and outside.

Player handbook
chapter 1 Building a Character.

Chapter 2 Rules and Player Engagement.

Chapter 3 race and Blood type

Chapter 4 Team Discription

Chapter 5 Action and movement

Chapter 6 Power and ability list

Player Referrence Book
Chapter 1

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